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Should You Save or Spend on Makeup?

Now that you know more about the shelf life of makeup, you may be regretting that $20 lipstick that came with a free gift. Odds are good that the lipstick is barely used and the free gift is just more clutter. Next time you hit the makeup, remember these suggestions about whether you should save or spend on makeup products. Blush: Spend. Not only will you find a wider range…
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Three Items Women Should Spend Money On

Today’s post is for the ladies. I hate clothes shopping. I don’t love spending money. There are many things on which I’m not willing to spend much money, but there are three items that I will absolutely not be skimp on: bras, annual exams, traveling alone at night. Buy Well-Fitting Bras I know, you can go to the drugstore and get a bra in a cardboard container for…
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