Saving Money

Instant Money Saver: Dump the Storage Unit

This morning I saw an interesting article in the New York Times about the rise of self-storage facilities in this country. Most people don’t need these. I have actually used a storage unit once, for three months to avoid carting my college stuff home for the summer, but we got the first three months at half price, so it wasn’t a bad deal. I’m also a member of a non-profit…
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How to Save Money By Reading Your Credit Card’s Fine Print

Today’s post is a guest post from Green Panda Treehouse. How many times have you heard ‘read the fine print’? Sometimes we hear things so many times it becomes white noise. With credit cards, though, not reading the fine print can cost you a good amount of money. “With more than a billion cards in our wallets, we floated some $937 billion in outstanding credit-card debt as of last…
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Holiday Savings E-Book

In years past, many people felt comfortable splurging on the holiday, but this year everyone’s motto is “Save Money on Christmas.” My new holiday savings e-book will help you do just that. The Sound Money Matters Guide to Holiday Savings compiles 30 of my posts about saving money during the Christmas season. It also includes a holiday budget worksheet not available on this blog or anywhere else. Print this…
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