How to Choose an Affordable Champagne

Tradition dictates that you must have a glass of bubbly in your hand when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve. However, that bubbly doesn’t necessarily have to be true champagne. Instead, you can be a friend to your budget and find some affordable options that will still taste good. We’ll start with a brief primer on champagne, then I’ll review some of my favorite alternatives to…
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How to Track Savings SubAccounts in Excel

Some online banks let you create what they call sub accounts in your master savings account. Essentially, these allow you to make one deposit and then divide the money between several uses for easier tracking. If your online bank allows this, then simply label the subaccounts things like vacation, property tax, homeowner’s insurance, etc. Figure out how much you need to contribute to each account, then make one…
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how to tell if makeup is expired or not? A picture of random Makeup and brushes

Makeup Shelf Life: How Long Does It Keep?

When and How to tell if makeup is expired or not? A few years ago I was watching Clean Sweep when I made a horrifying discovery: makeup lasts a maximum of three years. Most products don’t last nearly as long as that. Shortly after that, I started to clean out my makeup case. Some of my products had been there for more than ten years. Here’s a quick review…
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Save Money on College Books

Yesterday I reviewed strategies for saving money on personal books. As a recent grad student, I also have several strategies for saving money on college books. These are my top methods, but you can also use sources like on-campus exchanges, off-campus exchanges, and Craigslist to find books. Request Books from the Library Years ago, I was contracted to write a how-to book. It was an area I had…
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