The Documents You Need

The Documents You Need: Financial Back-Ups and Tax Forms

We’re in the home stretch for the emergency preparedness documents series. The second to last items you need to prepare your financial backups and tax forms. These are relatively easy to prepare and store. Financial Records Backup You should backup your important financial documents at least once a month. Statements are easy to order if you lose them, but it would take days to rebuild your money management…
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The Documents You Need: Titles, Deeds, and Receipts

Continuing with the series about the documents you need in an emergency, today I’m covering titles, deeds, high-value receipts, and loan documents. I’ll sum it up first in one line: keep them in the safe deposit box. If you want more info about obtaining copies of lost items or ensuring everything is secure, keep reading. Car Title, Boat Title, and other Title Documents Even if your car, boat, motorcycle,…
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a picture of white folders containing the important documents checklist

The Documents You Need: Birth Certificates and other Vital Records

Although you don’t need to use them regularly, you should have copies of all your vital records in a safe place in case you do need them, you can create an Important Documents Checklist just so that you'll have everything in order. Vital records include your birth certificate, marriage certificate, and divorce decree. If your spouse or child died, you may also need their death certificates. If you’re…
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What Should Be In Your Wallet?

Another interesting post from LearnVest this week: What should be in your wallet?  This will, of course, vary by person, but they offer a few pointers for paring down your wallet. You don’t want the exploding wallet a la George Constanza! However, I had to disagree about some things they suggested for wallets, because I either don’t need them or keep them in my purse instead. If I kept…
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