13 Frugal Ways to Celebrate Spring

It’s spring! Get out your eggs and try to stand them on their ends at the precise moment of the equinox. No, it won’t actually work, but it’s a nice theory. Here are 13 more effective ways to celebrate the return of spring.

Plant Fresh Flowers

Whether you have a garden or a small container in your home, plant flowers somewhere so you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of spring for several weeks.

Plant Fresh Herbs

I’ve never had success growing herbs from seeds. If you’re like me, pick up a few herb plants like sage, thyme, chives, and mint while you’re at the nursery, then nurture them all spring long. Warning: do not plant mint with your other herbs. Even if you have access to an outdoor garden, keep the mint in a large pot. Given a chance, mint will take over your garden.

Plant a Lemon Tree

The tree itself will set you back $50-$100 depending on its size, but it will save you a fortune once it starts producing lemons. I go through a few lemons a week all year round. That can get expensive, even buying them at the farmer’s market.

Make Lemon Olive Oil Cookies

Last year I told you how to make lemon olive oil. Make some oil again and use it to make delicious, refreshing, lemon olive oil cookies.

Photograph Nature

Visit a botanical garden or local hiking trail with your digital camera in hand. Practice capturing nature in all of its glory. It certainly a way to force you to stop and smell the roses.

Play Hooky

If you have a lot of vacation days stored up, take one as a personal day. You don’t have to go anywhere, just put on some shorts and hang out in the backyard for a day. Soak up the growing sun and let your cares melt away.

Change Out Your Candles

I have four seasons worth of decorative candles. I change them on each solstice and equinox as a cheap and easy way to bring the season inside. You can pick up affordable candles at places like Ross, TJ Maxx, and Marshall’s, or wait for a clearance sale somewhere like Pier 1.

Make an Omelet for Dinner

Eggs are synonymous with spring. Make them into a dinner omelet with a little ham, fresh chives, and fresh cheese. Serve with crusty French bread and white wine for a decadent spring meal.

Visit an Orchard

The fruit won’t be ready yet, but fruit trees release gorgeous flowers in early spring. Visit the orchard to see how the growing process progresses.

Buy Fresh Local Fruit

Spring is sort of a shoulder season in the fruit world. The apples and citrus are fading, and the berries and summer fruits aren’t yet available. Start visiting the farmer’s market and grocery store for fresh local fruit.

Update Your Linens

Visit a white sale or clearance sale to update your household linens in spring colors. Since they’ll last for several seasons, you only need to buy them once every several years. Then rotate the sets over the seasons so you home always feels fresh.

Make Custard Topped with Fruit

Custard is egg-based, so it’s also lovely in the spring. It’s also delicious topped with fresh fruit and berries. Make it even better by drizzling chocolate on top!

Dry Your Clothes Outside

Some people think clotheslines are white trash, but they’re actually a great energy-saver and easier on your clothes. As an added bonus, they’ll have that lovely fresh spring scent that doesn’t come from chemicals. If you’re worried about stiffness, use a liquid softener in the wash load.

Spring goes by quickly, so make sure you get in some time to celebrate it. You don’t have to spend a fortune or do everything on this list, but pick a few to get you out of the winter doldrums and ready for the summer.

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