Five Cheap Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

I don’t usually do anything for Father’s Day except send a card because my dad lives 400 miles away. When I was young, we were usually on vacation for Father’s Day, but we did affordable family activities if we were home. If you’re not sure what to do to honor the occasion, here are 5 cheap ways to celebrate Father’s Day.

Go Hiking
This one’s really affordable. Pack some sandwiches and trail mix, gather the kids, and then drive to a local trail you’ve been eager to try. Since it’s June, the weather shouldn’t be too hot, too cold, or too wet, which makes it perfect for hiking. Even better, you can spend time with the family without spending a dime or even stepping foot in a shopping establishment.

Bust Out the Grill
I don’t know what it is about dads and grills, but they seem to be synonymous. Since this Father’s Day also coincides with the first day of summer, it’s the official kick-off of grill season. Spend the morning scouring the grill (or make the kids do it as part of your gift), then toss on a well-seasoned steak or ribs. No chicken or fish – this is Father’s Day. Live it up.

Relax in the Yard
You work hard, you deserve a rest. The best gift of all might be sitting alone in the backyard with a cold beverage and comfortable chair.

Share Your Passion with Your Kids
Fishing, baseball, music, movies, whatever your passion is, choose this day to share it with your kids. If you’re an avid guitar player, teach them how to strum a few notes. If you like to fish, it’s time to take them to the fishing hole. If you’re a movie fan, introduce them to your favorite age-appropriate DVDs. They might complain about it at first, but deep down they love it.

Make the Kids Wait on You
This works for moms, so why not you? Make them clean out your garage, bring you cool beverages, or let you choose the TV channel for a change. If you’re feeling brave, supervise them grilling your favorite meal for you (or maybe just preparing the side dishes.)

To my way of thinking, Father’s Day gifts are nice, but a man only needs so many bottles of cheap cologne, funny ties, and golf balls. Instead of gifts, ask your kids to do any of the above with you and it will probably be a lot more enjoyable for everyone.

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