How and Where to Buy Cheap Flowers

The majority of flowers are at their peak during the summer, but some are available year-round. If you like to decorate your home with flowers, have a flower-giving occasion coming up, or are planning a wedding, there are a lot of ways you can get flowers on a budget. Here are a few tips for buying cheap flowers.

Few tips for buying flowers on a budget

Buy Flowers in Season

Roses may be popular for Valentine’s Day, but that’s not actually their peak season. Instead, they’re usually imported from South America. Peonies are a very popular wedding flower, but they have a very limited season. If you stick to flowers that are in season, you’ll save a bundle.

Choose Hardy Flowers

In addition to having a short season, peonies are also very delicate, which makes them difficult to transport. If you choose hardier flowers like roses, sunflowers, or dahlias, you’ll also save money on them.

Buy Them without a Vase

Most people already have a ton of vases. Instead of paying a florist to arrange them in an overpriced vase, buy them nicely wrapped in plastic. If they’re for you, use one of the vases you already own. If you’ve giving them as a gift, the person you give them to won’t have to find a place to store another generic vase. While you’re at it, avoid the other add-ons like bears and bows that further increase the price.

Visit a Farmer’s Market

In general flowers are cheaper at the farmer’s market. If you go at the end of the day, you can bargain for an even better deal. Although some of the flowers may look damaged, you can usually remove the petals around the edges to find a lovely perky bloom on the inside. You can try the same thing at a florist or grocery store the day after a big floral event like Valentine’s Day.

Visit the Flower District

Most large cities have a downtown floral market where florists buy their stock. Although the public aren’t allowed in early enough to get the absolute best blooms, but you can still find beautiful flowers and score amazing deals during the public hours later in the morning. I spent $180 on flowers for my wedding. That amount included cutting and arranging supplies, flower food, containers, a rented silver candelabra for $22, 30 sunflowers, 30 dahlias, 20 irises, 175 roses, and greens. The roses came 25 to a bunch for $6-10. We used all of that to decorate the candelabra, make seven bouquets and 12 aisle decorations, and sprinkle the aisle with rose petals.

Visit a Florist Near the End of the Day

Many florists throw out some of their flowers at the end of the day. Although they can’t use them in an arrangement anymore, you might be able to revive them for your own use. Ask them if you can look at anything they’re planning to throw out. If you find flowers you want, drive a hard bargain for it.

Visit a Discount Warehouse Store

Costco or a Sam’s Club offer great deals on flowers in their stores and online. Costco stores often have two dozen roses for $12-15. If you’re planning a party, you may be able to order them in advance.

Order Online

Several reputable sites sell cheap flowers online. In addition to the Costco and Sam’s Club websites, consider a site like 2G Roses, which ships flowers directly to your door. This is best for large orders, where the savings potential is huge. A flower market is still cheaper, but this is the next best option if you don’t live in a large city.

Cheap flowers can be found year-round if you shop wisely. Now is a great time to enjoy fresh flowers, but there’s no reason you can’t find them affordably in the fall and winter, too. Let me know if you have other sources for discount flowers.< –>

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