5 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes and Decorations

Halloween is just a few days away. Have you finished your costume yet? Have you decorated your house yet? If not, here are five last minute Halloween costumes and five last-minute decorations to get you by.

Last-Minute Halloween Costumes
Just in case you haven’t looked at a calendar, or you got invited to a party at the last-minute, here are five ideas for cheap, DIY costumes you can pull together at the last minute. For the ladies – I promise no slutty costumes! I think the slutty [insert role here] look is played out!

Zombies are all the rage, and couldn’t be easier to put together. If you have an old pair of ripped pants and shirt with holes in it, more the better. If you don’t, just grab and old shirt and pants and rub them in some dirt. Throw them on, then smear some Halloween makeup on your face. You should be able to find it pretty cheap at any drugstore. Mess up your hair and you’re done!

It’s so cheesy that it’s classic! Stop by a thrift store to buy an old white sheet. Cut two holes for eyes. Drape over you. Done. Is it creative? No. Is it funny? Yes.

Put on a suit. Stick a “Vote for Me” sticker on the lapel. If you don’t have a small flag you can carry, use a flag pin or print out a flag sticker, which you should also attach to the suit. Now you’re a candidate for political office! Bonus points if you’re a woman and add a witch’s hat. Now you’re Christine O’Donnell.

Old Spice Guy
This one really only works for men. Put on a pair of white or light khaki pants. Roll up the cuffs. Alternate – wear a towel. Toss a scarf around your neck. Carry a bottle of Old Spice. Speak in nonsense.

Yet another classic. Dress in baggy clothes. Bonus points for a flannel shirt. Stuff wadded up plastic bags into a ball and wrap in a handkerchief. Tie the bundle to a stick. Now you’re a hobo.

Last-Minute Halloween Decorations
Did you suddenly discover that trick-or-treaters will be coming to your area after all? Are you the only person in the building/on the block without decorations? Here are five last-minute decorations.

Okay, this one’s a duh, but no Halloween house is complete without a pumpkin to decorate the front stoop.

Paper Ghosts
Make tissue paper ghosts and suspend them from a tree if you’re not expecting rain on Halloween. you can also make spiders and pumpkins out of construction paper. To make ghosts, Get two pieces of facial tissue or gift-wrap tissue. Wad one up into a ball. Drape the other one over it. Tie a loop under the ball with string or yarn. Draw on eyes and a mouth. Stick a safety pin in the top to attach the hanging string to.

Stop by the craft store to buy some spiderwebbing. It might also be called Angel Hair. Stretch it apart and drape it over gates, trees, shrubs, and anything else it will cling to. You’ll probably only need one bag to get good coverage.

Headless Dummy
Stuff an old pair of pants and an old shirt with newspaper so it looks like a body. Set it on a lawn chair in a darkened corner of the front yard. Attach shoes. Either use an un-carved pumpkin for the head or leave it headless.  If you can set a light under it, it will cast an eerie upward glow to add to the spookiness.

Find some flat rectangles of styrofoam or cardboard. Cut out grave shapes. Spray paint them gray. Paint silly epitaphs in black letters. Attach them to garden stakes or poles and stick them in your front yard.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on Halloween costumes or decorations. If you need more ideas, check out these previous posts on cheap Halloween costumes and more cheap Halloween costumes.

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