My Moving Checklist and Escrow Checklist

I’m a planner. I love lists. I love checking things off lists. So, the day our offer on a home was accepted, I created this detailed moving checklist. Then my real estate agent emailed me a few more things that I added to the list. Now, at a reader’s request, I’m including my entire moving checklist in the approximate order they happened or needed to happen. This is also an escrow checklist, so if you’re not buying a home as part of your move, disregard that part.

Modifying the Moving Checklist to Your Needs

This is just a starting point in case you don’t have a checklist. For example, you might not need to buy appliances. We did, so that’s on my list. I also included vital phone numbers so they were in one place. Review the list and then add or delete items as you think of them. You could get really detailed and list items/rooms that need to be packed, but I did that as a separate packing list.

How I Used the Checklist

I printed the moving/escrow checklist and kept it on my desk, in the center where it wouldn’t get buried. Each week I copied the items for that week into my to do list and then marked them off as they were completed. I didn’t pack the list, but carried it to the house in my purse and now it’s back on my desk again so we can finish checking off the items now that we’re in.

The Complete Moving Checklist

Now, without further delay, here is my entire moving checklist:

Choose lender
Order appraisal – bank
Sign contract
Order inspection  – realtor
Provide deposit funds
Apply for insurance
Remove contingencies
Give 30 days notice
Make vet appointment
Mover estimates/scheduling
Measure for painting, estimate needs
Inform painters of timing
Verbal estimates for floor refinishing
Choose paint colors
Schedule time off for close/move
Arrange for power/water/gas
Arrange for phone/DSL
Arrange for garbage pickup
Arrange cable/Directv
Apply for appliance rebates – power/gas utility
Buy appliances
Arrange for appliance delivery
Pets to vet for check-ups/shots
Wire funds to escrow
Find locksmith and schedule for closing
Confirm power/water/gas transfer date
Close loan
Rekey locks
Schedule floor estimates
Hire refinisher
Schedule refinishing
Refinish floors
File change of address with: post office, credit cards, banks, subscription services, magazines, newspaper, student loans, 401K, work, dmv, club cards, cell phones, professional memberships
Confirm appliance delivery
Appliances delivered
Have phone/DSL turned on
Have cable/DirecTV turned on
Confirm movers
Finish packing
Freeze blue ice
Turn off phone, water, power, cable, DSL at old address
Clean/patch old residence
Roof repairs
Electrical work
Plumbing repairs
Stop junk mail/no call list
Update budget with new expenses

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