Summer Reading: Personal Finance Books and Blogs

In the last few days, I’ve seen several lists of personal finance books floating around the blogosphere. That got me to thinking: which four books and which four blogs would I most recommend to someone new to personal finance? If you haven’t already read them, I highly recommend you add them to your summer reading list or blog reader.

Top Four Personal Finance Books

You’ll notice that I don’t have many personal finance book reviews on the site yet. Of those I do have, here are my top picks as basic reading for everyone interested in personal finance:

The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom.

As I said in my review, this was my first personal finance book. It’s a broad overview of a number of topics related to personal finance, including debt, real estate, retirement planning, and estate planning. Despite the name, it’s not really a workbook, but it will enlighten you about your financial philosophy or spur you to get your affairs in order.

Your Money or Your Life.

As I said in my review, most of the advice doesn’t apply to me, but it’s a great book for anyone who tends to overspend or doesn’t understand the role or value of money in their lives.

America’s Cheapest Family.

If you’re starting your frugal kick, this is my top choice for learning to make frugal choices. The book is well-organized and contains great little nuggets of advice. It’s also not quite as extreme as some other guides to frugality.

The Total Money Makeover.

This book is best if you have serious debt and don’t know how even start getting out of it. Ramsey’s step-by-step guide is part inspirational, part solid advice. Although I disagree with some of his advice, it’s a great tool for the truly desperate.

Top Four Personal Finance Blogs

If you don’t have time to read personal finance books (or, perish the thought, hate reading books), then add these four personal finance blogs to your feedreader promptly. Even if you have time to read books, add these four feeds to your reader. These are the blogs I always make a point to read.

The Simple Dollar.

Trent has quickly grown his blog into one of the best of the bunch. Although I don’t always agree with his advice or point-of-view, he has an interesting perspective on frugality and personal finance.

Get Rich Slowly.

Like Trent, JD Roth also worked his way out of debt and became one of the powerhouse PF bloggers in the process. The blog’s tone is more journalistic than some of the other blogs, but it’s always interesting. I tend to agree with his advice more often.

The Digerati Life.

Like me, SVB lives in a big metropolitan area and is familiar with those specific challenges. This blog features in-depth analyses of various PF topics and solid advice for people at all levels.

Mrs. Micah.

Also like me, Mrs. Micah is new to the PF blogging world. She’s one of the youngest of the bloggers, which gives her an interesting perspective on all things related to being young and frugal.

The spring TV season is nearly over, which means you’ll have plenty of time to read. In between the fun fiction you plan to read, add these books and blogs to your schedule. You might find a tip or two that can help you save money or spend better. At the very least, you’ll learn something.

What are your favorite personal finance books? Tell me in the comments.

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