Scale Down Your Holiday Wish List

Every year, my Christmas list seems to get shorter and shorter. When I was young, my list was very detailed and long. Now I struggle to come up with a few items. I seem to have reached a point of max stuff and now am just looking to fill new needs that have arisen. Maybe it’s time to trim down your list, too.

Think About Your Needs

No, it’s not romantic or exciting, but if you really need a new blender, put it on the list! I usually do a mix of necessities with a couple of fun items thrown in. The fun items are usually cheap, like fancy soap for my guest baths or holiday decorations for my home. This year the practical items include a circular saw!

Think About Your Wants

Of course, this is also a time to fill a few wants. My want list includes a Flip Video camera. Right now all I have is a regular camera. Although it will capture video, it doesn’t capture a whole lot or great quality! That’s a big ticket item, though, so I certainly don’t expect to receive many other gifts if I receive that.

Be Prepared to Buy It Yourself

If you don’t receive something you really need, be prepared to hit up the post-holiday sales. That blender might be 50% off now! If it’s not something you would buy yourself, do you really need it? If I don’t get a circular saw, I plan to buy myself one because it’s something I need. The same for the video camera.

That should also give you some help in trimming the list. If you don’t receive it for Christmas, is it something you would buy yourself? If not, maybe you don’t really need or want it that badly. Of course, some are fantasy items, like a guitar and lessons, so put those on your life list if you don’t get them this holiday.

Make It about Sharing, Not Receiving

When I was younger, there was always a letdown after all the gifts had been opened because I didn’t get one or two things I really wanted. Now, I don’t feel that. I’m grateful for what I got, and don’t worry about what I didn’t get. Try to remember the spirit of the holiday rather than getting invested in the stuff that accompanies it. This is about family, not stuff.

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