I’m getting better at this titling thing! So this week we have three blog carnivals to share.

First, Carnival of Personal Finance #207 hosted by Funny About Money.  In addition to my post about key budget items, I also recommend Tough Money Love’s post suggesting  a simple way to feel wealthy – contro l your bill payment schedule.

Second, the Festival of Frugality #180 hosted by Frugal for Life. In addition to my post about our 50% savings success this month, I also recommend A Modern Gal’s comparison between learning to save and adopting a new fitness regimen.

Finally, the Money Hacks Carnival #76 hosted by Man vs. Debt.  In addition to my post about cheap summer entertainment, I also recommend Be a Survivor’s 15 simple ways to save money.


One Response to “Bring Gifts from Your Vacation Down Under – at the Carnivals”

  1. Mr. ToughMoneyLove on June 5th, 2009 9:05 pm

    Thanks for mentioning my post at the Carnival of Personal Finance

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