Picking Apples at Monticello – at the Carnivals

I’m back with another blog round-up. This week we have three carnivals to share, so let’s get to it.

First, the Carnival of Personal Finance at Simply Forties. In addition to my post taking a look back at my financial year, I also recommend Divident Growth Investor’s six things he learned from the financial crisis.

Next, the Festival of Frugality #195 hosted by The Good Life on a Budget. In addition to my post about dumping your storage unit, Mrs. Accountability shares her tale of trouble decluttering.

Finally, the Carnival of Money Hackers #82 hosted by the Four Pillars. In addition to my post extolling the benefits of learning to sew, I also recommend CraftSew’s debate about whether crafting is frugal. Her answer: it depends on the type of craft.

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